My focus is on equipping people, especially young individuals, with self-leadership skills – skills that are foundational to a great future. And what better way to learn than to bring theory and practice together by doing projects?

I find project delivery to be a great way to mentor and coach young people. Together, we design projects and take them to fruition in a real world environment where action cannot be separated from the idea.

Here are some of the key projects I have delivered or participated in over the years. While each is unique in its focus, they all have one guiding principle in common: the dream of an inclusive and equitable future.

foundational governance skills Supporting Young Professionals

Working with Resilient Leadership Academy and JCI Eastern (Melbourne), I designed and led the scholarship program “BOARDen Your Career” in 2021.

The 3-week scholarship program equipped Melbourne-based early career professionals with foundational governance skills to understand how a board works.

The BOARDen Your Career program was awarded, in 2022, the Best Local Growth and Development Program by JCI Australia.

Aussie Books For Zim Bringing Education to Rural Zimbabwe

Lifelong learning is something I value greatly. Since 2018, I’ve been working with an Australian-based charity, Aussie Books for Zim, to make education accessible to rural communities in Africa.

Aussie Books for Zim rescues books from Australian landfill to set up libraries in Zimbabwe. To date, Aussie Books for Zim has shipped over 90,000 books to Zimbabwe and set up 18 libraries in rural communities.

To celebrate Aussie Books for Zim’s impact and key milestones, I curated a public art exhibition Tariro | Journal of Hope in 2019, which was featured on WIN NEWS (The NINE Network).

Art2Heart Celebrating 10th Anniversary

Working with volunteers and young leaders at JCI Eastern (Melbourne), I co-founded Art2Heart, an award-winning community arts program in 2011.

The goal of Art2Heart is to provide a safe environment for primary school-aged children from disadvantaged backgrounds to self-explore and grow through arts.

In 2016, the Art2Heart program went international and we delivered our program to a group of Japanese children. To celebrate our 10th anniversary, the Japanese and Australian teams worked on a special Art2Heart theme in 2021 and introduced Australian Aboriginal culture to young Japanese children.