Working With Dr Suzi

I welcome enquiries on collaborations, presentations, interviews and writing projects.

While I am based in Melbourne, Australia, I often deliver workshops and keynotes virtually and outside Australia. I also have experience hosting international receptions and summits.

Topics I focus on:

  • Supercharging your career with self-leadership
  • Building a purposeful career
  • Harnessing the power of young people
  • Engaging and motivating young talents
  • Small team, big results
  • Growing your business with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
  • Innovation, what does it actually mean?
  • Diversity in the boardroom

What does it Look like to Work With Me?

Often described by event photographers as a presenter who is hard to photograph, I speak with energy and warmth (and a lot of hand gestures. Sorry, photographer!!!).

I’m Your Not-So-Perfect Presenter.

Do I speak with an accent? Yes, I do. Do I speak perfect English? Far from it.

But I speak with warmth and enthusiasm and I understand the importance of engaging the audience through the power of storytelling.

I’ve presented at large conferences; I’ve worked with small teams; and I am experienced in working with non-English speaking audiences through interpreters.

I Offer a Global Perspective and Local Impact.

From Mongolia to Peru, hospitals to the United Nations, my work brings a global perspective and yet with a strong local focus. Let me add value to your organisation and project through the “glocal” lens.

I Offer Practical and Actionable Advice.

Feeling inspired is great, but knowing how to take action and stay motivated is equally important. That’s why I’m big on being practical with my presentation and sharing actionable tips with my audience.