In 2022, Dr Suzi Chen was invited to be part of the Undefeated book project – a project that showcases 118 stories from 90 migrant women in Australia.

Looking at her migrant experience through the lens of optimism, Dr Suzi contributed two poems to the book project.

“Accent in a bottle” is a playful poem that celebrates diversity by looking at how the English language is enriched by an array of accents that migrant communities bring.

“Family Heirloom” is a poem that is close to Dr Suzi’s heart. Using a humble pocket-sized English dictionary that has been in her family for years as a meaningful object, the poem looks at the emotional aspect of a migrant journey.

By purchasing a copy of Undefeated, you are supporting and celebrating the lived experience of Australian migrant women.

If you are a migrant woman yourself, we hope Undefeated empowers you to share your own story, be heard and be seen.


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