{self-leadership}: self-influencing skills to find success within

You can’t predict where career and life will take you. But you can learn to navigate and create opportunities through self-leadership.

Hi, I’m Dr Suzi Chen, an impact investor, project management consultant, published poet and most importantly, a self-leadership advocate.

Surprises, challenges and opportunities. Like many of you, I have found life is a series of colourful moving parts and our career path a winding road.

How winding? How about jumping off a medical research career to starting a consulting service to hosting two international summits at the United Nations? Let’s not forget curating an art exhibition for a non-profit and setting up an arts program for children.

Unlocking opportunities with self-leadership

As exciting as these events in life were, they also created uncertainty, self-doubts and stresses. What got me through these changes? The practice of self-leadership.

By finding the strengthens and wisdoms within me through self-leadership strategies, I have created opportunities for myself and continue to build a resilient career and fulfilling life.

Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned professional questioning your career choice, it’s time to learn more about self-leadership.

Learn the behaviours, attitudes and strategies that you need to swerve, adapt and readjust

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Explore the concept and practice of self-leadership

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